Database of Church Based Community Activities by Village name

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The Database of Church Based Community Activities can be downloaded here

The aim of this database is to help link church based community activities with those in our communities who may benefit from them, but either may not know about them or who find it difficult to access them.

It is for anyone to use, but we hope it may be particularly used by those in the caring professions who are in contact with people looking for local community activities for social interaction and well-being or to further an interest.

Though this is primarily a church based directory - it would be too massive a job to include all community activities for Devon! (and don't forget the DCC website Pinpoint which has many activities listed) - where we have information about community run events they are included.

Please note that at this stage there are still some gaps in this information - in particular not all consents for contacts details have yet been received - but if we wait until it's perfect it may be some time. If there is a piece of information that you need about a particular activity, please email and I should be able to help find it for you.

If you find the village you are looking for is not listed, you can always make contact via the village churches direct by using the "A Church Near You" website for Church of England Churches or the Plymouth and Exeter Methodist District for Methodist churches or see our church contact page for other denominations. In many villages, if there is more than one church, they will be working together to offer these activities so contacting any should help! We are also actively working to add more and more activities so please check back from time to time to see new entries.

If you are a church and would like to add your own activity, please use the "submit your activity form" here

Please also email me on the address any feedback about the database - anything you would find useful or that could be amended.

Penny Dobbin - Secretary DCRF

January 2019