Loneliness in older men in rural areas - Can you help?

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Email from Tricia Jessiman Bristol University

I am contacting you in the hope that the Devon Churches Rural Forum may be able to help with our current study into older men’s experiences of loneliness. We are researchers at The School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol and Age UK is our partner in this study.  We are working  to develop an in-depth understanding of the formal and informal ways in which marginalised groups of older men (65+ years) seek to maintain social engagement in later life and combat loneliness. This includes their experiences of participation in groups and social interventions targeted at reducing loneliness among older men.  These groups are:

1.     older men living in rural areas who are single or living alone;

2.     older gay and bisexual men who are single or living alone; and,

3.     older men who are carers for significant others (people important to them).

The project includes a fourth group, single older men (65+) who are single or living alone and do not belong to the above three groups, for comparison.


We are now focusing on recruitment for one group only – older men living in rural areas who are single or living alone, and I wonder if your forum can help. We would be grateful if it was possible for you to circulate this email (and the attached flier) to your forum members to let them know about it. If the would like to take part, they can then get in touch with us. Taking part would involve a visit from a researcher to talk about their experiences of maintaining social contacts, and participants are given a £20 voucher as a thank you for taking part. Any assistance would be greatly received, and if you have any queries I would be happy to talk by telephone.


With best wishes,



Tricia Jessiman

School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

8 Priory Road

Bristol BS8 1TZ

Tel: 0117 954 6773

Tricia Jessiman